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Denver DUI Attorney

A DUI arrest is a serious charge that needs the attention of an experienced attorney. If you've had a DUI, you should know your rights. You might be unclear about where to begin as well as whether or not you should talk to law enforcement. The first steps in dealing with the consequences of a DUI are to understand the charges against you and to get an expert DUI attorney on your case. An experienced Denver DUI lawyer can uncover and expose mistakes and inaccuracies made by police officers. Many people are arrested each year in Colorado for driving under the influence and most of them assume that their arrest automatically entails guilt, when this is simply not the case.

Our Criminal Defense Lawyer Can Help You

DUI is considered a criminal offense. If convicted, you will be faced with specific sentencing guidelines that the court will impose upon you. These guidelines will be determined by your specific offense. Our criminal defense attorneys handle DUI cases from first-time offenders to persons charged with multiple DUI offenses. We use our extensive experience to achieve positive results including getting you out of jail same day, dismissing your DUI case, getting your car and license back and keeping your record clean. Our criminal defense lawyers have track records of achieving reductions in charges, minimizing the impact of potential penalties and jail time. Our law firm have been providing quality, confidential and effective defense representation to people facing drunk driving charges or other criminal charges in Denver, CO.

Charged With DUI?

If you are arrested for a DUI, it is important to know that your life is not over. There are options and possibilities in even the most difficult cases. Our experienced Denver DUI lawyers have the knowledge to help guide you through the difficult process of dealing with a DUI offense. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge of the police procedures in DUI offenses. We do not let the authorities present a case without examining every aspect that has to be proved and challenging all evidence they may have against you. We will thoroughly review your case and develop a strategy to help you fight your DUI. Contact us today for your free consultation.